Thanks to the introduction of the internet, literally every industry out there has changed dramatically. The same goes for the music industry. Back in the day artists relied on their fans listening to them at live events, and on the radio. These days, there is so much more to it than that. From social media promotion, file sharing, and more.

But the reason why artists these days have to do that is due to how we consume media these days. Specifically how we consume our music. Below we provide a list of some of the best providers of music. What this means for artists is these are prime places for additional coverage. For consumers it means these are platforms with quality artists to listen to.


Starting out in 2007, SoundCloud is the giant in the music industry. Attracting over 175 million unique visitors per month, the main appeal behind SoundCloud is the social and share features the platform boasts. Individuals can listen to music on there for free (with Ads sprinkled about unless you upgrade) and can even download some of the music as well. What is also appealing is that users get access to a wide amount of artists from established to rising talent.

What is also interesting for us users is that the homepage is much like a “news feed” listing off music that was uploaded, reposted and more. This expands our exposure to genres and bands but also provides a lot of potential reach for bands to upload music.


Not far behind SoundCloud is Audiomack. It’s currently on the rise thanks to its fan-friendly streaming services. People who listen to music on there will get a more diverse music experience mainly due to how the platform serves up songs to users. SoundCloud mainly uses how many times a song is played and offers that to it’s users. Audiomack on the other hand uses a trend-based ranking system.

In other words, users can get a variety of rising talent based on the trends tab compared to SoundCloud. This helps users in seeing more bands and enjoying more music. For artists this only helps them get discovered more.


Even though streaming services are dominating the market, iTunes is still a pretty popular platform for users who believe in supporting their bands financially. This isn’t to say the other two before don’t provide much monetary value, it’s simply not a common thing you’ll see on Audiomack or SoundCloud compared to iTunes.

Another thing to note is Apple is continuing to provide new innovating steps on the platform to keep it relevant and a go-to spot for users with some spending money and artists who need sales.


Over the years, Spotify has been making a lot of progress in being a digital music powerhouse. It’s at the point now where it’s a king in the music streaming business. With plenty of music for users to pick up Spotify is a go to place for many of us to get the latest, and trending music. Much like SoundCloud’s model, free users do get a lot of advertisements while paid get ad-free along with offline listening.