The Predator series of Hollywood films is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. Let’s face it; it has spent most of its 30 odd-years playing second fiddle to the Alien franchise, the dominant sci-fi creature themed film series around. At times they have crossed claws, meeting in hopelessly pathetic Aliens versus Predator spin-off films, and the rather more successful comic books and video game series. Despite this, the original director and writer, Shane Black is hoping to reinvigorate some life back into the Predator franchise with his upcoming film, the fourth in the series.

What Do We Know About the Cast?

For starters, it is going to be simply titled, The Predator. Initially, the new Predator movie was set to ignore the events of Predator 2 (1990) and Predators (2010). However, a potential fan backlash has seen those plans shelved. The movie will now take place in-between the third and second Predator film and the largely panned Predators. How do we know this? The names of the characters.

One of the lead characters appearing in the film is Jake Busey (the son of Gary Busey), and he’s playing a character who has been defined as the son of Peter Keyes (Gary Busey’s character in the second film). So, we know that there is continuity in the storyline for the first two movies at least.

We also know that several other actors have been cast in the film. Boyd Holbrook will play the title role of Quinn, who struggles to make others believe in the existence of Predators. Olivia Munn stars as a scientist, while Keegan-Michael Key Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Sterling K. Brown, Yvonne Strahovski, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Niall Matter and Edward James Olmos and have also got roles in the film.

The Predator Film

The film is likely to adopt a similar setting as the second movie if the posters and artwork are anything to go by. The film appears to take place in a village or city, but there are thought to be throwbacks to the jungle surroundings that made the first film so memorable. The storyline is believed to involve a marine who stumbles across the existence of Predators, and when nobody believes him, he either chooses to take them on or is forced to by the military. The exact plot remains under wraps at this moment in time, of course.

We know that filming ended in June last year, and most of the movie was filmed in Vancouver. Initially, the film was scheduled for a March 2 release, before being pushed forward to February 3 (obviously, that hasn’t happened). There is no trailer for the film yet, so the current schedule of September 14 looks to be about right.

Whether you love it or hate it, the Predator franchise is, at times, prime Hollywood territory. The return of the Predator this autumn is certainly set to shake up the sci-fi genre. However, following recent lacklustre efforts by Ridley Scott and the Alien franchise to reinvent itself, we’re not holding our breath.