The son of a Persian musical legend Mohammadreza Shajarian, the grand master vocalist of Persian traditional music, Homayoun Shajarian can easily be described as legendary in his own right. The 39 year old who, like his father, is a master vocalist in the Persian tradition, as well as Tombak and Kamancheh player.

Homayoun, who learnt his craft at the feet of his father, is a musician who hasn’t been afraid of embracing new technology as well as pushing the creative boundaries, especially when it comes to his videos. His most recent video, a Rumi poem, from the album Arayesh-E Ghaliz, is a masterful package of inventive animation by Iman Yari, Vahid Sadeghi, M. Shahmoradi, Idin Gheshlaghi and Homan Hasani.

Homayoun Shajarian (left) with his albums composer Sohrab Pournazeri.

Taking its inspiration from traditional Persian art and calligraphy, it’s like a miniature painting brought to life. As if some wizard has waved a magic wand over an array of manuscripts, much in the vein of Disney’s Fantasia.

Mixing the traditional with the contemporary, in some magnificent experiment, the video honours the art of the past in a way no other music video has done. The likes of Mir Sayyid Ali and Abd al-Samad would I’m sure be proud of it.