Some people say that a person’s online presence is 90% fabrication and 10% truth; well I wanted this website to be 100% truth. I launched this site back in 2012, as a place to archive my various articles, but it soon morphed into a regularly updated blog. Now, with the exception of a few vicious attacks by hackers, this blog will continue to expand.

To give you a rundown of the content you’ll find on here, my tastes and interests are broad, so you’ll see a range of art, book, film and music reviews, designer profiles, explorations into menswear designs, photography, videography, interviews with artists, designers, authors, filmmakers et al and more. For the more nosey of you reading my blog you’ll find the odd diary post now and again.

I’ve been writing since I was a boy, and formally since 2008 when I began my working life as a freelancer. My passions for photography and design have been a strong force since boyhood too. I take most of my photographic and design inspirations from history and nature.

The Warmth of Autumn / Hampshire 2014

Working as a freelancer, in the creative industries, has given me a sense of confidence that I don’t think I could have gained in any other profession. Like most things in life it ebbs and flows, I’m still learning new skills and perfecting my craft, which I think I’ll be doing forever more.

So, that’s my creative side out of the way, aside from that I enjoy reading, watching films, playing rugby, kickboxing, traveling and making a hearty Javaher Polow for family and friends.

If you’d like a more formal rundown of my career so far, then please follow the link to my résumé and if you want to be my digital friend then follow me on Twitter @Mirzation