After the success of the LGBT movie in top of most prevalent films in 2018 – Love, Simon, the director Greg Berlanti was willing to reveal about his next film project about LGBT theme.

The director standing behind the scene of that famous as “Love, Simon” or “Arrow” – Greg Berlanti announced that his upcoming project is a movie based on the real life of a gay actor of Hollywood – Rock Hudson.

                                                The talented director Greg Berlanti

Rock Hudson, the legendary actor of the Hollywood cinema industry, also a bright stars of “Pillow Talk” and “Dynasty”, has made the press around the world spent countless ink when publicly announcing that he was infected by AIDS in July 1985. Therefore, he is considered as one of the most famous victims of the AIDS crisis.

                                              Rock Hudson with over 70 films

President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan was said to be close friends of this male ill-fated actor, Hudson. However, this good friends have received strong criticism because they refused to recognize that the AIDS crisis was devastating the homosexual community of that time.

Some documents in 2015 revealed that in the period of his dark time, Hudson appealed to Reagan’s family for helping him cure, begging them to ignore normal rules which is unnecessary and support for his treatment in a hospital in France. Do not give up, Hudson was trying to send a telegram to the White House on July 24, 1985, despite a letter to President Reagan Library but still no response to his words. Without any help, Rock Hudson was officially died two months later by the complications of the disease.

                                      A bright star of the Hollywood cinema industry

One of the most important milestones in the life of Hudson is his marriage even it only lasted 3 years in all. The actor was married to Phyllis Gates from 1955 to 1958, and then they divorced. When one of their recordings was revealed, fans were absolutely surprised because Phyllis Gates has turned out to know that her husband is gay so far. She shared with her husband, saying, “Everyone knew you regularly met and saw off on the road with other mans after we married and no signs to stop because you thought the marriage would be a cover for you”. In addition, people said that the talented actor has ever flirted James Dean just to win a bet with Elizabeth Taylor.

                  The marriage only lasted 3 years in all between Hudson and Phyllis Gates

The news an upcoming films of Greg Berlanti was born right after the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a film about the life of Freddie Mercury – the main voice of Queen group. Coincidentally, Mercury is also a victim of AIDS and passed away in 1991. Probably AIDS in the LGBT community have started to be interested and reflected more and more on the wide screen today.