For as long as there has been music, there have been a number of benefits associated to them. That being said, classical music is of particular note as there are a number of studies that have been conducted revolving around classical music.

All of these things and more are things that have been proven to help people in a variety of ways when one listens to classical music. In fact, the benefits mainly stem from the brain. Below are but a few major benefits of adding classical music to your music consuming diet.

Lower Blood Pressure

Studies conducted by Oxford University have revealed that listening to classical music will help in reducing your own blood pressure. How the study was conducted was that participants were to listen to four genres: rap, techno, pop, and classical music. From those four, the researchers noted the blood pressures of the participants.

In the end, the research showed that listening to classical music was a fantastic way of lowering blood pressure of participants. On the other hand, louder music like rap, techno, and pop music actually raised the blood pressure.

Boosts Memory

According to another study, classic music composed by certain artists can even boost your memory. In one particular study, the participants were to listen to Mozart while they were being studied. The research showed that the music from Mozart activated the areas in our brain that are connected to our memory.

You can try this for yourself as well. The next time you are studying for a big test or need to do a big speech, listen to some Mozart when you are practicing.

Sparking Creativity

While classical music won’t immediately make you creative, music has a way of sparking a creative mindset. In essence, listening to Mozart or Bach would prove to help you slowly think outside the box in creative sessions.

Reduce Stress Levels

Since our blood pressure is reduced, it makes sense that our stress levels also get reduced as well. A lot of studies in the past show stress and blood pressure go hand in hand. As such, listening to classical tunes will lower your level of stress and relax you.

To top it off, a study into stress also found that pregnant women who listen to classical music on a regular basis were far less likely to be stressed out during their pregnancy. The big reason that is all possible is due to the tempo of the music. Since classical music is mainly a slower tempo, it’s slow enough to match the same beating rhythm as our heart when we aren’t stressed.

Puts You To Sleep

On top of all of these things, classic music is also fantastic for putting you to sleep. According to another study, people who have sleep issues who listen to classical music for 45 minutes before going to bed dramatically improve their sleep quality.

If you want to sleep better, even if you have no sleep disorders, pop In some classical tunes and listen away.